Redshift is now available via on-demand Usage Based Licensing (UBL) through Deadline 8 and the Thinkbox Store.

What does this mean? It means you can access extra Redshift licenses when you need them to scale up.

On-demand licenses work with both on-premise and cloud-based render nodes alongside existing Redshift licenses.

Redshift UBL licenses can be purchased via the Thinkbox Store 24/7, with minutes consumed only while the Deadline Slave application is rendering – that means you only pay for what you use!

We’re pleased to support this licensing model as a useful solution for render nodes that are utilized on a temporary basis such as render burst.

For example:

  Cloud-based render nodes: If you use them to expand your on-premise render farm, you’ll only use UBL for the time they spend rendering, just like you’ll only pay your cloud provider for the time that your instances are running.

  On-premise rental machines: If you bring in 50 physical machines for 3 days, it could be more cost-effective for them to use UBL, rather than rent floating licenses for the week.


  Artist workstations: If artists add their machines to the farm periodically, it could be more cost-effective for them to use UBL, rather than purchasing permanent licenses.

  Check out Redshift UBL on the Thinkbox Store


  Find out more about Deadline 8 and UBL