“​Danny And The Wild Bunch” is a short film directed by Rob Rugan. It was rendered with Redshift and has already won several film festival awards!

DANNY AND THE WILD BUNCH - Short Film from robert rugan on Vimeo.

Here’s a quote from Angel L Negron who’s one of the TDs of the movie:

We all wanted something that had the effects of real world lighting but in a stylized manner if that makes sense. We Choose to go with RedShift to get all the lighting and color information and then process them though a series of filters in post. To get a painted/toon look. If it wasn’t for how fast redshift is rendering would have never been done. The fastest time i had (with one character on screen) with Iridescence/brute force and sss was 42 sec (GTX titan)

From the Redshift team: congrats to the team for the well-deserved wins!!