It always makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside when we read customer stories like this one:

Hey chaps, thought you may be interested in our Redshift story. We were using a top ranking CPU renderer on a paper origami job and renders were coming back at around 40 mins a frame. So I gave Redshift a quick go on a GTX690 and it rendered in 3 mins a frame to the same quality. This was using brute force - brute force with all the samples cranked way, way up. Unbelievable! So we bought two licenses and 5 days later had look developed and rendered a 20 second full CG animation, have a look here at the result:!house-hunters/c1plj. Just a simple job but we plan to do some heavy photorealism in the coming weeks. We have since ordered an 8 x GPU rack for our server racks which will house 8 x GTX780Ti’s giving us 26,000 cores and an equivalent per frame render time of (we think) 12 seconds a frame. Not sure whether to shout about it or keep it to ourselves as this is such a paradigm shift in the way we can produce and look develop our CG. Its perfect for a commercials and Broadcast pipeline and we have two features slated for later in the year which we plan to use Redshift on. Amazing software guys and big thanks. Duncan McWilliam - Outpost VFX Ltd - Director

  Well done to Duncan and Outpost VFX! Looking forward to seeing your work on Plebs season 2!